Freckle time tracking integration lets you automatically post time to Freckle from your commit comments. This makes it easy to capture all the time you actually work for your clients, and ensure that you get paid for all of it. This page shows how to setup your Freckle integration to ProjectLocker.

Connect your Freckle User

First, you'll need to connect your Freckle user to ProjectLocker. To do this, you'll need two things: your Freckle subdomain and your personal Freckle API token.

Your Freckle subdomain is simply the first part of the Freckle URL you see after you log in. For instance, if you see then your subdomain is mycompany.

You can get your personal Freckle API token by logging into Freckle, clicking the Settings & Tools link at the top, then clicking the API tab. 

Once you've gotten these from Freckle, you'll enter them into ProjectLocker by logging into ProjectLocker Portal, clicking your name in the top right to get the menu, then clicking on My Profile (this link will work if you're already logged in). On the My Profile screen, click Integration Settings and scroll down to the Freckle section.

Freckle Settings in Portal

Just enter your Freckle subdomain and personal API token and save your changes.

Connect your Freckle Projects

In order to log your time against the correct Freckle projects, you'll need to link your ProjectLocker projects to the appropriate Freckle projects. You'll want to do the steps below for each ProjectLocker project you want to link to Freckle.

First, navigate to your projects list and click the name of the project you want to link to Freckle. On the project page, click the Edit button in the gray bar near the top. Scroll to the bottom of the project details page to see the Freckle link settings.

Freckle Link Settings

Choose the Freckle project you want to associate with this ProjectLocker project and click save changes below. 

And that's it! You're all connected!

Logging Time to Freckle

To log time to Freckle, you can simply include a brief statement about the time you spent in your commit comments. You can include the time logging in any part of your commit comments. The format is pretty simple:

took|billed|worked for|bill N hours|hrs|h|m|mins|minutes

For example, you could use any of the following to log 1 hour to Freckle:

billed 1h

worked for 60 minutes

took 1hrs

ProjectLocker will then log an hour of your time to Freckle. (If you're using Git, be sure to push to ProjectLocker so that we can process the commit message.)