ProjectLocker's remote deployment feature allows you to submit files to a remote server via SFTP, FTP, or SCP on every commit or on demand as you prefer. To set up a remote deployment:

  1. Click List Projects and select your project.
  2. Click the Remote Deploy Settings link.
  3. Click New Environment to define your destination server.
  4. Create a unique name for your environment (e.g. Staging, Production), then select a Subversion directory from which the project will deploy. Leave the SSH section blank unless you want the server to run specific actions after the deploy completes. Select whether or not you wish to deploy on every commit.
  5. Select SFTP, SCP, or FTP and fill out the credentials for your server. We store passwords encrypted.
  6. Save your settings

Once you are done with that, your commits will deploy automatically or on request to the remote server.