Every Trac project supports the ability to submit tickets by e-mail. The e-mail address for your project is [account name].[project name]@[server].projectlocker.com. So if your account's name is MyCompany and your project's name is MyProject and you've been assigned to angel1, you can e-mail MyCompany.MyProject@angel1.projectlocker.com to submit tickets.
Submitted tickets are placed into a holding queue to prevent spam or unwanted tickets from cluttering your Trac system. To access this holding queue:
  1. Click on List Projects or Show Project in the left navigation bar and find your project.
  2. Click the Edit Service Properties link next to Trac.
  3. Click the Manage Email Tickets link.
  4. Review the ticket if you wish, then click the green icon labeld "TICKET" to send the ticket to Trac or the trash can icon to delete it.
Tickets will go to Trac with the status, priority, and other settings from the defaults on the Manage Email Tickets screen. You can change these settings directly in Trac once the ticket has been submitted.