There are four ways to retrieve the history of your Subversion repository:

  1. Purchase a Subversion dump from the Request Backups link in ProjectLocker Portal. Dumps are $2.50 per project and include a Subversion repository dump file and a copy of your Trac database and attachments.
  2. Purchase a backup subscription from the Manage Subscriptions link in ProjectLocker Portal. Subscriptions start at as little as $5 per month, cover any or all of your projects, and are taken automatically.
  3. Use svnsync to copy the data, with ProjectLocker as the master. ProjectLocker is compatible with any Subversion processes, so a normal svnsync should work.
  4. Use svnrdump dump to obtain a copy in a Subversion dump file format.

Be sure to use a user with visibility to the full repository for svnsync or svnrdump, otherwise you will get an incomplete dump.