File Subscriptions let you be notified when changes are made to a specific file. In an active repository, using a file subscription ensures that you won't miss when changes are made to your most important files. 

To set up a file subscription, do the following:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner of Portal. Click the "My Project Notifications" link.
  2. Click the tag icon on the right button next to the name of the project you wish to monitor.
  3. For Subversion, click the plus (+) icon to expand the file tree and navigate to the file you wish to watch. For Git, select a branch, then do the same.
  4. Click the file name. The name should appear above the selector with the choice to turn the subscription off, or to have it notify on write (whenever the file is written to). Turn the subscription to Notify on Write, then click Add.

You should now receive alerts to your email whenever changes are made to the file.