GitExtensions works as a UI on top of msysgit and can use either OpenSSH or PuTTY to connect. We recommend OpenSSH for ease of use. To connect to a ProjectLocker Git repository:

  1. Install GitExtensions. Select OpenSSH as your SSH client. If you already have GitExtensions installed, go to the "Ssh" tab and choose OpenSSH as your client.
  2. Go to Git -> Git bash. A command prompt will appear.
  3. Run "ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048" to generate a 2048-byte RSA key. (You can make it larger if you like.) Do not set a passphrase on the key.
  4. Take the public key that was generated, log in to ProjectLocker Portal, and add the new public key.
  5. Select Clone repository. In the Repository to Clone field, enter git-[account]@[server][project].git with the appropriate values for account, server, and project. Select your destination directory and leave Personal Repository set. Press Clone.

A command line window will appear as well as a Windows interface showing the repository cloning. When it is complete, you should have a local copy of the Git repository.