If you have an existing Git repository, you can do the following to get the contents into ProjectLocker. These are command-line instructions, so if you use a client, there should be analogous commands for doing a git remote and a push in the help documentation for the client.

  1. Go to the directory containing your Git repository
  2. Run "git remote add [REMOTE_NAME] [URL]". [REMOTE_NAME] is the casual name you wish the remote location to have for operations, e.g. "projectlocker" or "pl". [URL] is the ProjectLocker URL, which you can obtain in Portal by going to Projects and clicking the Click to View link in the same row as the project name.
  3. Run "git push [REMOTE NAME] --all". [REMOTE NAME] is the same remote name as above.

Your repository should then clone successfully in full, with all branches in your local copy pushed up to the server. You can then push and pull from the given remote.