Git Webhooks allow a URL of your choosing to be sent data about every commit to your Git repository, after each push is made. You can find an introduction to Webhooks here:

and more information is available here:

To get started, navigate to the Webhooks settings for the project by clicking the Projects tab at the top. Click on the name of your project. Finally, click the "Manage Git Webhooks" link to get to the Webhooks management screen. On that screen, enter the URL of your Webhook server and save the settings.

On each push, our servers will send an HTTP POST message with a single parameter: push_data. The value for this parameter will be a JSON-encoded hash with the following structure:

    :repository =>
            :account => push.account_name
            :repository_url => push.repository_url
            :trac_url => push.trac_url
            :project => push.project_name
    :ref => ref,
    :commits => [{
        :commit_id => commit.commit_id
        :url => commit.changeset_url
        :author =>
        :timestamp => commit.timestamp
        :log => commit.message
        :added => commit.array_of_added_files
        :modified => commit.array_of_modified_files
        :deleted => commit.array_of_deleted_files